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Selecting Hardcore Hot Rod as the facility to repaint my Corvette Z06 goes down in my history as one of the poorest decisions I’ve made over a sixty-four year lifespan and one that I regret every single day when I look at my Corvette with its Hardcore $7,600 paint job.

At my initial visit, the owner used smooth talking hard sales pitch on me advising me that he guaranteed that I would not get a better price from anyone over what he was offering me. The great price was supposedly to offset the rude treatment that I received from him spending 30 minutes with a customer who came into the facility afterwards, so he stated that he would make it up to me.

At that time, my Z06 needed to be painted due to minor fading on the hood but primarily due to all the swirls that could be viewed in the paint under the sunlight. These two concerns could easily be resolved as, for that $7,600; Hardcore could make my car “look like glass” (per the owner). Subsequently, I put my blind trust in this man only to eventually receive a poor paint job leaving me feeling deceived, out $7,600 and leaving the owner of Hardcore financially benefiting from my expenditure with no consideration about performing a professional service.

Two weeks after leaving my Corvette at Hardcore for a paint job that was to leave my car looking like glass, I received the Z06 back. When viewed, all of the same swirls in the paint that were there prior to the $7,600 professional paint job were all still visible which I pointed out to the owner. The swirls led me to believe that there was no full paint job (all the way to the fiberglass with fiberglass preparation) had been completed. At that time, I was informed that it should look that way because of all the wax that they had applied after the paint application (smooth talking once again), which would be remedied once I brought the car in for final detailing after the paint had cured.

Months later, I dropped off my car for what was to be two day detailing process from which I expected the result to be my car finally looking like that glass effect that I was promised. Once again problems arose; my two day detailing took five days (even though car detailing facilities will do it in an afternoon). Secondly, while extremely frustrated, I picked up the car and brought it home to inspect where I was shocked due to the fact that the car crevices (between hood & fender, trunk & body and the doors & body) were inundated with wax left for me to remove. What an embarrassment it should have been to Hardcore to give a customer a product back that looked so unprofessional. The key word there was “should have” as I am sure that they weren’t. There was absolutely NO consideration of doing right for the customer spending $7,600 by giving them a professional service, which I did not receive.

The third issue, which is the major problem here, is that ALL the swirls embedded in the paint, which I had paid the $7,600 to remedy were all still there. Additionally, the roof has multiple white marks (on black top) appearing to be chips leaving me with the perception that the roof was not even touched for that $7,600. There are marks in the paint on multiple locations such as the rear driver fender and I also had a body shop specialist who pointed out a paint run that resulted in a blob of paint on the front side bumper. I feel that I paid a great sum of money to receive the product I did, and I also feel deceived by the Hardcore owner and believe that his conscious is not even bothered by taking my money and performing a shabby paint job where corners were clearly cut to ensure they made more profit obviously the finished product was NOT the priority.

Therefore, if you own a Corvette, or other treasured collectible vehicle, be very careful whom you select to perform paint work on your vehicle. I can only convey my nightmare with Hardcore Hot Rods (which I already see that other reviewers have done also with no subsequent resolution, by Hardcore, to their complaints). As Hardcore Choppers apparently is under the same ownership umbrella one can only surmise that if there are problems/complaints/quality issues with one that the same situation would be present at the other. Hopefully others do not waste $7,600 (or whatever amount) to receive a paint job that they will be unable with for years to come at the same time financially benefiting the individual/company that took advantage of them.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $7600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Quality of expected custom paint.

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Wish we’d seen your review before he ripped us off. Worst decision ever. DON’T GO HERE.


Had similar problems at Hardcore Choppers 8 years ago. All smoke and ladders.

The owner lies and reels you in with promises of of quality work and craftsmanship. After months of delays, lies and fabricated work orders (which I had kept originals of) my bike was a mess.. Biggest regret and waste of money and time in my 45 years.

It's amazing he's still in business and now to the unsuspecting car enthusiast. Buyer beware!


From the looks of things, It appears that Hardcore Hot Rods took an awful look of the vehicles owners money and in return left him needing another (professional this time) paint job as it appears that the Hardcore owner doesn't care about customer satisfaction instead having only one care with that being payment satisfaction. I sure would recommend that other sports cars, suv's, etc do not even try to obtain a quote from this business

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